EPF Certificate and EMT Preparation

A course entirely dedicated to the practice of the 13 Figures and 6 Estill Qualities required in the EFP certification protocol, in order to have muscular mastery of one’s vocal apparatus regardless of the artistic requirements. Open to people who have already attended Estill level 1 and 2 courses and are preparing for the Estill Figures Proficiency Exams

1 Day introductory workshop on the Estill Model : 

As a qualified Estill Master Trainer I will introduce to you the basics aspects of the 13 Figures of voice control and of the 6 Voice Qualities (Speech, Falsetto, Opera, Belting, Sob, Twang).

No previous experience with the Estill Model is Required to book or attend this workshop.

Ideal for who is considering taking Level 1 and 2 or for who simply wants to learn about the Model. Ideal for Music Schools of all level.


Belting Workshop

What is Belting? Is it safe? Can anybody belt? How can I learn how to belt?

In this workshop, you will learn how to safely produce the Belting Quality, how to use it and how to always keep in mind your own vocal safety.

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